JusticeWorks’ members represent a cross-section of the community and serve as Advisors to the corporation. Membership is open to all adult residents of Portage County committed to the principles of community justice.  Advisors are entitled to receive publications and are encouraged to attend meetings, serve on committees and workgroups, provide input to the Board of Directors and have any other privileges as may be granted by the Board of Directors.

JusticeWorks’ members serve as ambassadors and community educators, and work together with justice system stakeholders and community volunteers to identify community-based justice needs and restorative solutions.


  • Jeffery Ebel
  • Tom Davies
  • Tom Staack


  • Cheryl Breit
  • J.R. Wynne
  • Patti Cahill

Faith Based

  • Lois Lawler
  • Mother Jane Johnson
  • Pastor Ben Sheets

Justice Coalition

  • David Medin
  • Shaun Morrow
  • Stan Potocki
  • Thomas Eagon

Involved Citizen

  • Christine Jacobs
  • David Way
  • Guy Janssen
  • Jan Way
  • Richard Judy
  • William Maher
  • Elizabeth Fulton

Law Enforcement

  • Mike Lukas

Legal Practice

  • Brian Formella
  • David James
  • Donna Ginzl
  • Hon. Frederic Fleishauer
  • Jan Roberts
  • Melissa Dalkert

School/Youth Service

  • Gregg Hansel
  • Jerry Gargulak
  • Lynn Winn
  • Sharon Morell
  • Jodi Tuskowski

Service Providers

  • Mike Houlihan
  • Nancy Fernandez
  • Sally Olson

Treating Professionals

  • Daniel Barth
  • Perry Ackeret


  • UWSP/Post Secondary
  • Anne Dyken
  • Courtney Kostuchowski
  • John Morser
  • John Praxmarer
  • Richard Feldman