Martin Luther King Jr. Community Celebration

Here is the text of the closing prayer delivered by Dr. Roya Akhavan at the 2018 Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration:

O Thou merciful God! O Thou Who art mighty and powerful!  O Thou most kind Father!  These servants have gathered together, turning to Thee, supplicating Thy threshold, desiring Thine endless bounties from Thy great assurance.  They have no purpose save Thy good pleasure.  They have no intention save service to the world of humanity.

O God! Make this assemblage radiant.  Make the hearts merciful.  Confer the bounties of the Holy Spirit.  Endow them with a power from heaven.  Bless them with heavenly minds.  Increase their sincerity, so that with all humility and contrition they may turn to Thy kingdom and be occupied with service to the world of humanity.  May each one become a brilliant star.  May each one become beautiful in color and redolent of fragrance in the kingdom of God.

O kind Father! Confer Thy blessings.  Consider not our shortcomings.  Shelter us under Thy protection.  Remember not our sins.  Heal us with Thy mercy.  We are weak; Thou art mighty. We are poor; Thou art rich.  We are sick; Thou art the Physician.  We are needy; Thou art most generous.

O God! Endow us with Thy providence.  Thou art the Powerful.  Thou art the Giver.  Thou art the Beneficent.






Stuart Stotts, award winning singer, author and storyteller was our guest presenter for the 2017 celebration.  Stuart spoke on the influence of music on the civil rights movement and the history of particular songs including the iconic “We Shall Overcome”.  The evening included music from the Pacelli High School Concert Choir Starting our evening with the National Anthem and  “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and concluded the night with stirring renditions of “Inscription of Hope” and “River in Judea”.  The event also included the presentation of the Justiceworks’ John Klismet Volunteer Award to Tiffani Krueger, co-founder of Evergreen Community Initiatives.


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