Shifting Gears Bike & Community Service Program

Are you looking for a used bike?

JusticeWorks offers used bikes at our location. These bikes have been inspected and appropriate repairs have been made to make them as good as new.  Prices vary, please contact JusticeWorks to make an appointment to see our inventory.

Community Service Options

JusticeWorks has created a program that turns community service from something punitive to something meaningful. We offer a community service option for those who are interested in working with our bike program that truly gives back to the community.

If your organization has needs that might be met through this initiative, please contact JusticeWorks at 715-344-3677. We are seeking both long and short-term options as well as individuals who may be interested in serving as community service mentors, working with others as they complete their community service obligations.

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Do you have experience with bikes and would like to share your talents? Complete a Volunteer Application and return it to JusticeWorks or call us at (715) 344-3677.