Restorative Conferencing

The Restorative Conferencing Program includes Victim/Offender Conferencing and Circle Conferencing.

Victim/Offender Conferencing is a process that provides interested victims an opportunity to meet their offender(s) in a safe and structured setting, with the goal of  holding the offender directly responsible for his or her behavior, while providing important assistance and support to the victim.  Only offenders and victims deemed appropriate are brought into the program.

Circle Conferencing is a form of restorative dialogue that draws from indigenous traditions of North America. The emphasis is to establish an interconnectedness among participants to break down barriers and find commonalities.

The conferences are dialogue driven and bring together victims, offenders, families, supporters and other community stakeholders.  With the support of trained volunteer facilitators, participants are guided to work toward a mutual agreement that repairs the harm and promotes healing between all participants.