Make it Right Mediation Services

Looking back at Make-It-Right Restitution Program.

JusticeWorks operated the restitution mediation program 2009-2014. During its operation, the program received 69 referrals resulting in 33 signed agreements returning almost $8,000 of losses directly to victims.

The victim-based Make it Right Restitution Mediation Service utilizes community volunteers trained as mediators to help victims and offenders reach agreements involving payment for damages associated with civil ordinance violations.

What is mediation?

Mediation brings people in conflict together with a neutral third person who assists them in reaching a voluntary agreement. The mediator helps them clarify the issues, consider options and reach a workable settlement that fits their needs. Mediation gives people a quick, inexpensive way to work out their differences while addressing everyone’s needs and interests. Decisions reached in mediation are created by the people who are in conflict; the decision is not imposed upon them by a judge.

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